Choral - Small Works

Choral - Large Works

Messe en La Mineur (SATB, Wind Quintet, Piano & Percussion)

Magnificat (SATB Choir, Treble Choir, SAB Soli, Piano, Synthesizer & Percussion)

Judith, an Oratorio in 2 Acts (SATB, Soli & Piano)


Choral Arrangements

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Film, pop, and more!

When I was 18, I met Trevor Stokes at Western University.  What ensued was a lifelong friendship with a shared passion for music, 80’s pop, Absolutely Fabulous, and catchy one-liners.  Trevor introduced me to the magic of electronic music production. Although my passion will always be for live choral music, together we dabbled in programming, with me infusing the works with computer-generated vocal manipulations, elements of minimalism and drama that abound in the rest of my work.  Here are just a few fun examples of our collaboration.

Dawn of Venus (Duet for One)

Commissioned for a motion picture that was never released, this “Duet for One” is a song about loneliness and finding oneself.

Unnamed Colours

A true collaboration between composer and sound engineer. You can hear my fascination with vocal manipulation, syllabic dissection and repetition. Slightly symphonic moments, I couldn’t help myself!  

The Place

A deeply personal song for me. As a survivor of Grenville Christian College, I have had to walk a path of healing and forgiveness that was not easy to find. 


Another fun collaboration with Trevor Stokes!