The Monday Night Choir

With a fearless spirit and a passion for a capella repertoire, The Monday Night Choir stands as a beacon of innovation and artistry in the Montreal choral scene.  Performing to sold out audiences, the choir embraces the bizarre and fabulous in all things choral, and constantly surprises with works that range from ethereal, wondrous soundscapes to shocking and unnerving new works.

François Lukawecki is the Artistic Director of MNC.  He has led the ensemble on an inspiring journey, guiding the musicians to new heights of creativity and expression. With a focus on pushing boundaries and exploring the intricacies of vocal harmonies, the choir has become synonymous with fearless experimentation and unparalleled musicality.

As ambassadors of Canadian choral music, The Monday Night Choir takes pride in championing the innovative voices that define our cultural landscape, as well as the diversity of emerging composers. Through their unwavering and fearless pursuit of musical beauty, they inspire audiences to embrace the magic and power of contemporary Canadian music.  

A few recordings from past performances: